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Re: Klingons Invade Dover Peace Conference


qen I-Con qep'a'Daq pagh tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' vIqIH.  jIQuchHa'choH.
mutlhejtaHchugh wa' jatlhwI' neH chaq Doj Hol 'e' luQub ghot puS.  va.

Stardate 99320.5

jatlh DloraH:
Those at the table which Qor'etlh and I sat at were the most "klingon".
Very loud, very rowty, and even some singing. There was just as much food
on the table as there was on our plates. We ate with our fingers (meat,
corn, scallop potatoes, salad). If you asked someone to pass the rolls,
well, they did. A slab of meat flew past my face, was caught by the guy
next to me and he stuffed it in his mouth; then topped it with some salad
flying from the other direction.
We sang "Qoy qeylIS puqloD", "taHjaj wo'", and that song from

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