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Re: More than one "adjective"

This sort of construction shows up in Klingon for the Galactic Traveler.
Page 82 has

SuDbogh Dargh 'ej wovbogh 
The tea that is SuD and light.

I think we've also seen this construction for "brown" (in the latest
HolQeD, don't have it with me).

You may not like it, but it does occur.  What you're using might work too,
but it doesn't follow the precedent of "attach the subject noun of
conjoined verbs to the first verb" which has been set.

lughlaw'bogh mIw 'ej DunuQbogh yIlaj.

Stardate 99320.5

jatlh peHruS:
<< matlh tInbogh moQ 'ej Doqbogh vIlegh. >>
SV-bogh N 'ej SV-bogh mu'tlhegh 'ay' law' vIlaD. 'ach chaq muj mIwvam. 
mu'tlhegh {tInbogh 'ej Doqbogh [matlh] moQ vIlegh} vIchup. mu'tlhegh
wIDelbogh tlhopDaq mojaq {-bogh} ghajbogh wotmey vIlan. chay' SuQub?

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