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Re: Recast (Was: Clause ordering)

This is a prime example of when to use {vay'}. Here's how I'd recast it:

{Hung Sungmey thlab jeghqangDI' vay' Hung tlhab ghaq ghajlaHbe'}
"If someone is willing to sacrafice freedom for security, he can have
I have the TKD, the TKW, and KGT. I have the tapes. All I can find for these 
terms ghaq (contribute (v) ) and Sungmey (natives incapable of language 
[indigenous non-humanoid species?]) does not seem to apply...not to demean 
your response, but am I missing something?

[security] [indigenous species] [freedom] [when he/she/it is willing to 
surrender it] [anyone] [security] [freedom] [contribute] [he/she/it cannot 

Wait...ghaq was supposed to be chaq [either/or]...and Sungmey was supposed to 
be SuqmeH [in order to obtain it] I see...but would'nt you need a 
pronomial prefix on ghajlaHbe' to identify the subject? Should'nt the use of 
vay' be here? As in :
'   Hung SuqmeH tlhab jeghqangDI' Hung tlhab chaq ghajlaHbe' vay'    '??

Or mayhaps as a command:

{Hung DaSungmeH tlhablIj yIjeghQo' pagh Hung tlhab ghap tIghajbe'}
"Do not sacrafice your freedom for security or you will have neither."

Again assuming that the Sung is meant to be Suq... I like this one..although 
issued as a command, it is less a commentary than advice/orders. In either 
one, however, the intent, specifying that while you may possess security if 
you trade your freedom for it, you do not deserve it, is lost. It is not the 
not having, but the having without deserving that the phrase bemoans. But 
thank is an interesting perspective.


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