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Re: Recast (Was: Clause ordering)

ghItlh juDmoS:
> {Hung SuqmeH thlab jeghqangDI' vay' Hung tlhab chaq ghajlaHbe'}
> "If someone is willing to sacrafice freedom for security, he can have
> neither."
> ...but would'nt you need a 
> pronomial prefix on ghajlaHbe' to identify the subject? Should'nt the use of 
> vay' be here? As in :
> '   Hung SuqmeH tlhab jeghqangDI' Hung tlhab chaq ghajlaHbe' vay'    '??

As I understand tlhIngan Hol, both positions are valid. Probably
the best way to indicate the subject would be to use {vay'} in the
{-DI'} clause and {vay'vam} "this somebody" as the subject of the
whole sentence, thereby showing your speaking of the same person. (You'll
have to ask the grammarians on this.)


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