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Re: More than one "adjective"

Voragh challenged:
: >Finally, a challenge for the experts.  How would you translate a more
: >complicated example:  
: >	"I see Gowron and Pok's old, green, dirty bottle of excellent, 
: >	ancient Regulan bloodwine."
DloraH replied:
: Gowron vIlegh.
: Pok reghuluS 'IwHIq bal vIlegh.
: qan reghuluS 'IwHIq bal 'ej SuD 'ej lam
: tIQ 'IwHIq 'ej pov


	"I see Gowran-and-Pok's bottle" 
	ghawran paq je bal vIlegh 

I.e. the bottle belongs to them both.

Still, you proved my point.  What can be easily said in one sentence in
English has to be broken up into four sentences in Klingon.  (Can you be
more concise in Klingon?)  Not that one is inherently better than the
other, just that in this respect the two languages are markedly different
in feel.

BTW "bloodwine" (one word in Federation Standard) is now known from KGT to
be *two* words in Klingon: {'Iw HIq}.  Go figure. 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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