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jatlh jatlh:

(Did you choose your name just to see someone reply <jatlh jatlh>?)

> Please help:
> On another tlhIngan Hol mailing list we send in several words and 
> construct sentences out of them.

> This word no one seem to understand fully.

> here is the sentence I came up with:

> qeylIS SaHbogh tetlh muq tlhIngan qum
> The Klingon government have a volume of scroll which concern Kahless.

This is actually pretty good. As your other response indicated, <muq> is not
the right word here, though. <muq> means "have a volume of" in the same
sense a bottle of coke has a volume of two litres. A typical usage would be:
<cha' tlho'ren muq balvetlh> - "that jug has a volume of two tlho'ren" or
"that jug holds two tlho'ren". A <tlho'ren> is a Klingon unit of measuer
approximately equal to a quart or a litre (which are pretty close

<muq> really has nothing to do with books or scrolls, unless you're trying
to figure out how much air they displace. There is another word - <ghaj> -
which means "have", and this is fine for your sentence.

qeylIS SaHbogh tetlh ghaj tlhIngan qum

> I looked up the definition of volume in a Webster's dic. It had:
> Volume-volumen roll of writing, book, volume to roll
> 1. volume: a written document rolled up on a short staff: scroll.

> That's how I came up with the sentence.

As others have said, other than the problem with <muq>, 

Beginners' Grammarian

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