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tlhIngan tIq lut'e'

wa'DIch, HuDmeyvo' pawta' HIq Hol je qa"a'pu' run.
nagh raS ghajmoHta' chaH 'ej 'oHDaq tlhIngan tIq pong'e' lughItlh.

cha'DIch, ngemmeyvo' pawta' HoS Hergh je qa"a'pu' val.
Sor yobta' chaH 'ej tlhIngan tIq Inmey'e' luchuta'.

wejDIch, Debmeyvo' pawta' 'Ip 'Iw je qa"a'pu' wov.
tlhIngan tIq qul'e' tujmoHmeH mI'ta' chaH.

loSDIch, Hovmeyvo' pawta' lut leng je qa"a'pu' batlh.
bomDI' tlhIngan tIq'e' ghajmoHmeH mupwI'meychaj lulo'ta' chaH.

Qav, bIQ'a'meyvo' pawta' Seq SoD je qa"a'pu' 'IQ.
tlhIngan tIq'e' watlhmoHta' chaH.

Dochmeyvam Hoch lulegh Hovmey Huvbe'.
qawlu'meH chalDaq lut'e' ghItlhta'.


First, from the mountains came the short gods of wine and words.
They made a stone table and on it carved the NAME of the Klingon heart.

Second, from the forests came the wise gods of might and medicine.
They gathered wood and played the DRUMS of the Klingon heart.

Third, from the deserts came the shining gods of bond and blood.
By dancing they made HOT the Klingon heart.

Fourth, from the stars came the honoured gads of tale and travel.
Whilst they sang they used their hammers to SHAPE the Klingon heart.

Last, from the oceans came the sad gods of fault and flood.
They made PURE the Klingon heart.

All these things saw the Naked Stars.
So it would be remembered, they wrote the story in the sky.


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