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Re: {-vo'} (was Re: Word for "god"?)

Voragh wrote:

>For Ben's motto, I would suggest using
>{-mo'} "due to, because of, for, since"
>instead: {Sovmo' HoS}. And since {-mo'}
>is both a noun and a verb suffix, it can be
>used with either the nouns {Sov}
>"knowledge" and {HoS} "strength,
>energy, power" or the clipped verbs
>{Sov} "know" and {HoS} "be strong",
>making it ideal for double entendres and
>pithy proverbs.

Woops... yepHa'lu'chugh vaj Qaghlu'

I was actually aiming for something similar to "Ex luna scientia" or "Ex
astris scienta." But I see what you mean about {-vo'}, but I don't think
{-mo'} conveys the same sense of "from, out of"... but then again "luna"
and "astris" are physical places where {-vo'} might work just fine (?):

   maSvo' Sov, Hovmeyvo' Sov

Well, anyway, I think I'll try {-mo'} for now.


 Sovmo' HoS 

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