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Please help:
On another tlhIngan Hol mailing list we send in several words and construct
sentences out of them.

This word no one seem to understand fully.

here is the sentence I came up with:

qeylIS SaHbogh tetlh muq tlhIngan qum
The Klingon government have a volume of scroll which concern Kahless.

I looked up the definition of volume in a Webster's dic. It had:
Volume-volumen roll of writing, book, volume to roll
1. volume: a written document rolled up on a short staff: scroll.

That's how I came up with the sentence.


Here is some of the help I received:

I am under the impression that {muq} "have a volume of"
is related to music or sound measurement. I couldn't find
it in the KGT text when I quick-scanned it, so I don't have
anything to support its context. Other than my confusion on
the nature of {muq}, the sentence looks okay to me.


Dawut (David)

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