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Re: Word for "god"?

ja' Voragh:

>No doubt there is an ancient word - or
>even several - which Okrand (oops, I
>mean Maltz!) hasn't revealed to us yet.
>In the meantime, many people on this list
>have used *{joH'a'} or *{qa''a'},
>depending on their theology. I've noticed
>that monotheists tend to prefer the
>former, polytheists the latter. YMMV.

Sounds like qa''a'pu' will work quite nicely in the case of Klingon
gods. I have most of the rest of the wedding translated, so this should
get me close to done.


I haven't really written anything terribly original yet in tlhIngan Hol,
just translated different things, but translating is helping me to learn
vocabulary and grammar, as is reading the posts to this group that are
written in Klingon. (Although I admit I've skipped over a lot of the
longer bits I've seen.) By trying to read these posts I am learning new
words and actually remembering some of them. ;)

BTW what is YMMV?

 Sovvo' HoS 

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