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Re: Klingon Phonetics

>> I use T'Lod as a DIvI' Hol spelling of tu'loD.
> I assumed it was a Vulcan female name with the classic T' prefix
: Sorry to disappoint you, 'ach loD jIH.
: Most Vulcan females names don't customarily have an L after the T', they 
: usually have a P.  [T'Pring and T'Pau are examples]

Not entirely true.  Here are some canonical Vulcan T' names from my notes
referring to women from the movies, episodes and authorized novelizations
thereof.  You'll notice that the first two *do* have an L after the T',
though I admit the majority have P:

T'Lar   high priestess who performs the fal-tor-pan on Spock at 
	Mount Seleya [ST3]. 
T'Lara   Starfleet admiral presiding at Worf's extradition hearing 
	[DS9 "Rules of Engagement"]
T'meni   Tuvok's mother. [VOY "Hunters"]
T'meni   Tuvok's granddaughter. [VOY "Hunters"]
T'Paal   "Romulan" agent Tallera's real Vulcan name [TNG "Gambit"]
T'Pan   expert in subspace morphology, she was director of the Vulcan 
	Science Academy [TNG "Suspicions"]
T'Para   ancient Vulcan teacher in Raal according to "Falor's 
	Journey", a portion of which Tuvok sang [VOY: (episode title)]
T'Pau   high-ranking dignitary and elder of Sarek's House 
	[TOS "Amok Time"]

T'Pel   Spock's aunt, Sarek's sister [TAS: (episode title?)]
T'Pel   honored Vulcan "ambassador" who was actually a Romulan deep 
	cover agent (Subcmdr Selok) ["Data's Day"]
T'Pel   Tuvok's wife [seen in VOY "Bliss"]
T'Penna   operatic star, performed opposite Soral [VOY "The Swarm"]
T'plana-Hath    matron of Vulcan philosophy who said "Logic is the 
	cement of our civilization with which we ascend from chaos using 
	reason as our guide." Spock successfully identified the quote during 
	a memory test in 2286 at Mount Seleya. [ST4]
T'Pring   Spock's betrothed [TOS "Amok Time"]
T'Sai   chief kolinahr High Master at Gol [ST:TMP (name from script or
T'Shanik   one of three candidates who competed with Wesley Crusher 
	for a single opening to Starfleet Academy at Relva VII in 2364. A 
	female from Vulcana Regar, she was a runner-up in the competition. 
	[TNG "Coming of Age"]

... here are names referring to ships, which may have been named after
famous women (e.g. the T'Pau): 

T'Kumbra    Federation Nebula-class starship under the command of 
	Capt. Solok [DS9 "Take Me Out to the Holosuite"]
T'Pau    in drydock at the Qualor II before it was stolen by Romulan agents
	[TNG "Unification"]
T'Vran    a Vulcan science vessel [DS9 "Vortex"]

... and here is one that may refer to an ancient Vulcan goddess or priestess:

T'Karath Sanctuary   in caverns on Vulcan. By the 24th century it had been 
	"abandoned for centuries." [TNG "Gambit II"]

So you can see why I was confused.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons (and Vulcans too!)

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