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Re: A little riddle

David Sikter wrote:
: < jajlo' loS 'uSDu'
:  pemjep cha' 'uSDu'
:  choS wej 'uSDu'
:  nuq jIH ???>
: > I also don't know if the metaphor of a progressing day 
: > representing a progressing life works in Klingon. I'll leave
: > that to intepretation by others. 
: This part i don't understand. Do you mean that a klingon might
: intepretate the metaphor in other ways than a earther? Is it something
: about the klingon culture or???

I don't see his point either.  The metaphor isn't idiomatic to just English
but works for any culture living on a planet with dawn (sunrise), midday
(noon) and twilight (sunset).  It wouldn't work, for example, on Mercury
which keeps the same side facing the sun at all times IIRC.  But since
tlhIngan Hol has such words - not to mention words for day (pem, jaj) and
night (ram) - we could assume that Klingon speakers are familiar with the
phenomena.  I believe Kurn once referred to "high sun" in one episode, so
we can also assume they relate specifically to Kronos.

Comparing two unrelated things is what makes it work as a riddle; if it
were a tired cliche, it would be too easy to solve.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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