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Re: Klingon Phonetics

In a message dated 4/10/99 4:22:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< >I use T'Lod as a DIvI' Hol spelling of tu'loD.
 I assumed it was a Vulcan female name with the classic T' prefix; 

Sorry to disappoint you, 'ach loD jIH.

Most Vulcan females names don't customarily have an L after the T', they 
usually have a P.  [T'Pring and T'Pau are examples]

we often
 get posters from other branches of Trek fandom here.  I myself occasionally
 post to a couple of Vulcan fan lists as Voragh (though I also use my real
 If T'Lod is in fact a Klingon fan name, might I suggest Tu'Lod as a
 Federation Standard spelling?  Paramount often capitalizes the letter
 following an internal apostraphe in their "Klingon" names for people and

I think Paramount should leave Klingon to Mark Okrand and stop messing with 
the language so much that Mr. Okrand has to come up with some excuse so that 
the language isn't disrupted.

I followed the example of T'vis with my name, although his tlhIngan Hol pong 
is tI'vIS, not tu'vIS.  Sue me.

So, how did DloraH come up with his name?


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