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Fw: [demonfleet] Re: Attack of the Klingon Hippy!

bejwI'  jabbI'IDmey : FYI

(SKI : "...and now, for something completely different...")

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> At 07:22 AM 4/12/99 -0800, you wrote:
> >Attack of the Klingon Hippy!
> >---
> >*Khay'dris of the Dragons' Heart*
> >House Qa'chu'
> >Qu Qu Qa'chu'
> >
> You fergot ta say, "I am the Walrus, here...*then* ...
> juDmoS the Beatles fan..
> Demon 'Till I Die

Just thought that it would be fun to seeing how other Klingons express thier
interest in ta' Hol .

At least they're beginning to spell it using the correct phonology {{:-P

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