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Re: SuS tut

Steven Boozer wrote:

> K'ryntes:
> : QelHom jIH...
> ja' DloraH:
> > You may be a QelHom (I don't know you), but just in case you aren't aware,
> > rachwI' is nurse.
> K'ryntes:
> : Yes, I'm aware of the word but being a nurse is so much more than someone
> who
> : fortifies.  Yes, nurses provide emotional support and TLC but I also give
> : medications, write minor orders, perform minor invasive procedures, decide
> : treatment methods, and so on and so on.  RNs in skilled care facilities
> operate
> : without the presence of a doctor and therefore we are lawfully permitted
> to do
> : things that, if in a hospital, only a doctor could do.  Nurses aren't just
> : Florence Nightengales any more.  We are that plus much more.  So while
> : {rachwI'} is a nice term that portrays an important aspect of nursing, it
> : doesn't begin to accurately portray what I do.  That's why I prefer
> {QelHom}.
> So do I.  K'ryntes, weren't you the one who asked Okrand on
> startrek.klingon back in October about this?

Yes and I was pleased with the flexibility his answers provided.  For instance,
if I were a hospice nurse I would refer to myself as {rachwI'} or if I were an
O.R. nurse I would prefer your suggestion {HaQwI' boQ}.  But for where I am
right now, {QelHom} fits best.

> BTW: Note that Okrand's comment that {QelHom} 'means "not quite a doctor"
> or "lesser doctor" or the like)' is in no way demeaning, but is merely
> descriptive.

Thank you.  I was wondering about that. :)

>  So far as we know, {-Hom} has no inherent pejorative
> connotation, unlike diminutives in some Terran languages.  In context,
> {QelHom} might also be translated as paramedic, field medic,
> (acting/unofficial) medical officer, etc., and is what the Russians call a
> *feldsher*, borrowed from German Feldscher "army-surgeon" (which itself be
> a relic of the days when surgeons weren't MDs).
> --
> Voragh
> Ca'Non Master of the Klingons


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