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Re: Klingon Phonetics

> Check out the "Klingon names" of many of the regular posters to this
> mailing list.  trI'Qal and r'Hul haven't been heard from in a while,
> but DloraH and T'Lod are recent examples.  They get no complaints from
> the rest of us due to their oddly-formed (no offense intended) names.
> Whether you see why or not, names are considered special by the people
> who use them here. 

>I use T'Lod as a DIvI' Hol spelling of tu'loD.

I assumed it was a Vulcan female name with the classic T' prefix; we often
get posters from other branches of Trek fandom here.  I myself occasionally
post to a couple of Vulcan fan lists as Voragh (though I also use my real

If T'Lod is in fact a Klingon fan name, might I suggest Tu'Lod as a
Federation Standard spelling?  Paramount often capitalizes the letter
following an internal apostraphe in their "Klingon" names for people and

But as ghunchu'wI' said, in the end your name is your name.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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