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jatlh T'Lod:

> Qe'Daq jIvum.  "Hops"vaD Qe'vam ponglu'.  

Got this one backwards: <Qe'vamvaD "Hops" ponglu'>.

> mavum jIH ghotpu' law' je.  
> chong Qe' vumbogh Hoch ghotpu' 'ach SaS wa' ghot.

I think you probably mean <HochHom>. If there is an exception, it can't be

> ghaHvaD Sandi ponglu'.  
> vImuSbe', 'ach vIparHa'.  puq Damo', pIj muyIv.  
> quv vIghaj, 'ach vIjatlh vIneH <maqochwIj ghaH>.

The quote should probably go either before or after the <jatlh>, and not
after the whole thing. I also don't understand what you're trying to say

> vIparba'.  jupDaj jIH 'e' vInIDpu', 'ach not Qap.  
> HIqeSneS.

qoH yIbuSHa'. Do'Ha' rut qoHpu' DISIQnIS Hoch'e'.

> SKI: I'm having trouble with someone at work named Sandi.

> I hope I used pong correctly here.

One out of two. Not bad.

Beginners' Grammarian

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