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RE: A little riddle

>> Ive tried to translate an old earth-riddle into modern 
>> klingon. Does this translation make sense and if so, what 
>> is the answer?
>> jajlo'Daq loS 'uSDu'
>> pemjepDaq cha' 'usDu'
>> choSDaq wej 'uSDu'
>> nuq jIH ???
>... I also don't know if the metaphor of a
>progressing day representing a progressing life works in Klingon. I'll leave
>that to intepretation by others. The lines in the riddle are also just
>phrases, not complete sentences. Since this is a riddle and meant to by
>somewhat cryptic, it might be OK, but it sounds weird to me.

When I read this (and simply ignored the [-Daq]s), being a riddle I thought
it read OK.

As far as whether it works in klingon or not... He translated an "old
earth-riddle".  It's an earth riddle, not a klingon riddle.  He was just
using the klingon language to present it (to other humans).


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