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KLBC: Is third time charm?

This is the third time I've sent these sentences.  They seem to have been

1. I want to say "Taking our stand beneath the naked stars we fight the
enemy on behalf of the empire."

Hovmey Huv bIngDaq maQamvIStaH wo'vaD jagh wISuv

Can the word Qam be used metaphorically in this way?  Is it ok to use the
suffix -vIStaH to express a participle?

2. "We fight the enemy for the empire (to sieze the empire)."

wo' wIjonmeH jagh wISuv

3. "We are ready to fight the enemy who attacked us."

nuHIv bogh jagh wISuvrup

4. "We are fighting the enemy because they attacked us."

nuHIvmo' jagh DISuvtaH

4a. "We are fighting because the enemy attacked us."

nuHIvmo' jagh maSuvtaH

5. "There was a battle to the death to capture the ships."

Dujmey jonmeH Suvlu'chu'

6. "My friends and I took on the whole foreign fleet."

Hur'Iq yo' Hoch DISuv jIH juppu'wI' je

7. "Why did you do that?" (in response to the above sentence)

qatlh 'e' bonID

I used nID, try, because I couldn't think of another way to say "do."  

8. "If you drink too much of that white lightning will you be able to fight
when the enemy comes?"

chechtlhutlhvatlh Datlhutlhqu'chugh HIvDI' jagh bISuvlaH'a'


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