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Re: baffle - part of speech?

>From the KLI new word list, vID 'Ir is listed as baffle, with the part of 
>speech being noun.  Just what does this word mean, and how is it used? Is
>it one word or two?  What is the verb "baffle"?

:  One word [ vID'Ir ]
:  It is a thing. 
:  A car muffler is a "baffle".
:  Firearm silencers have baffles inside.
:  The dome shaped parts on top of the Bird or Prey wings where they fold,
:  those are baffles (noun).

: So what exactly does a baffle do?

>From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

	baffle (noun)
	Date: circa 1900
	a device (as a plate, wall, or screen) to deflect, check, or
	regulate flow (as of a fluid, light, or sound)

Sometimes you will also hear "baffle plating".  What they're doing on a
Bird of Prey is anyone's guess.  Perhaps something to do with atmospheric

	baffle (transitive verb)
	baf·fled; baf·fling /-f(&-)li[ng]/
	Etymology: probably alteration of Middle English (Sc) {bawchillen} to
	 denounce, discredit publicly
	Date: circa 1590
	1: to defeat or check (as a person) by confusing or puzzling: 
	2: to check or break the force or flow of by or as if by a baffle
	synonym see FRUSTRATE

For the verb "baffle", I would suggest using {mISmoH} "confuse".  {mIS} "be
confused, mixed up" or {mogh} "be frustrated" works for the passive (?):
e.g. "I'm baffled".  

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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