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RE: KLBC. vaj bom

jatlh QoreQ:

>        vaj bom
> tlhIngan jIH.
> jISuvchu' jIH.
> jIHoS 'ej jIHem.
> quv vISoqmeH jIQojchu'.
> tev'a' 'oH batlh Hegh.

<batlh> can be either a noun or an adverbial, but I don't think either makes
<batlh Hegh> flow into "an honourable death". <Hegh quv> would work, though.
You're also missing the <-'e'>, but since this is clearly poetry and flows
better without it, leaving it off is fine.

Also, <tev'a'> is "a great reward", but I don't think it's quite "the
ulitmate reward". You could consider <tev Qav> or <tev pup> for this.

As a matter of style, this is a bit odd in Klingon. Klingon works best with
action verbs, not nouns strung together. Consider recasting into something
that looks more like <batlh HeghDI' vaj, yay chavchu'>.

> quvmo' jach 'IwwIj
> 'ej gholwI' 'Iwmo' jach 'etlhwIj.
> vIje' 'e' mutlhob
> vaj jIHeQnIS
> ta''a' muDev.

<muDev> is certainly "it leads me" or "they lead me", but the <ta''a'>
really has no place in the sentence. It can't be the object of <Dev> -
that's "me". Try something like this instead:

ta''a' muchavmoH.

See all the recent (and very long) threads on <-moH> or reply and ask me for
an explanation of this if you don't get it.

> Qu'mo' jIyIn.
> Huv ngoQwIj.
> ghol'a'wI' vIjeylaHchu'meH murach toDujwIj;
> ghIqtal!!


> tlhIngan maH.
> maSuvchu' maH.
> maHoS 'ej maHem.
> quv wISoqmeH maQojchu'
> tev'a' 'oH batlh Hegh.
>        Warrior Song

Same comments as above about the last line.

I am Klingon.
I am a Warrior.
Strong and proud am I.
I wage war for honour.
An honourable death is the ultimate prize.

My blood cries out for honour
And my blade cries out for my enemy's blood.
It pleads to me to feed it,
So I must comply.
To great deeds they will lead me.

I live for duty.
My purpose is clear.
My courage strengthens me
So that I can defeat my greatest opponents;
To the death!!

We are Klingon.
We are Warriors.
Strong and proud are we.
We wage war for honour.
An honourable death is the ultimate prize.

> bom mu'meyvam lugh'a'?
> Are these song words correct?

Sentence order: <lugh'a' bom mu'meyvam?>.

jISovbe' jIH. 'ach pabchu'HochHom, 'ej Saghbe' QaghmeylIj. yIHem.

Beginners' Grammarian

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