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RE: nom

Actually, there is a case for saying that {nom SImwI'} means "one who
calculates quickly."  NOTE: I do NOT accept the following argument, but it
is a legitimate one.

Just as {batlh bIHeghbe'} means "You will die without honor" in Power
Klingon (notice that the {-be'} on the verb seems to be modifying the
adverbial+verb or just the adverbial, not just the verb), so might {nom
SImwI'} mean "one who calculates quickly" (in this case, the {-wI'}
encompasses all of {nom SIm}).

Now, I don't think this is RIGHT.  I think it is wrong.  But the precedent
certainly exists.

Stardate 99260.7

jatlh pagh:
Not really. Adverbials like <nom> modify whole sentences, not nouns.
Consider <nom SImwI' vIHoH>. I'm not killing the one who calculates quickly;
I'm quickly killing the calculator.

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