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charghwI' vIvan

jabbI'IDghommaj muvHa' 'e' wuq charghwI'.  DaH tlheDmo' charghwI' vIvan vIneH.  naDev
jeSmo', jabbI'IDghomvaD ghomvamvaD je ghaqqu'bej ghaH.  mejmeH meqDaj vIvuv, 'ach
SaHbe'mo' wIbechbej.  Hoch pIlmoH ghaH.  tlhIngan ghItlhchu', reH mu'tlhegh qech je
choHmeH mIw nughojmoH.  pab qelchu'mo' po' 'e' 'ang.  reH wIpo'choH 'e' qaD ghaH.

pIj jabbI'IDghomvaD ghItlh charghwI', yInDaj DelmeH.  mI'.  HurDagh chenmoH.  qo' leng.
ropchoH 'ej pIvchoH.  le'be' ghu'meyvam, 'ach Qumchu'mo' not qetlh.

pIj jabbI'IDghomvaD ghItlh charghwI', Dachmo' *Seqram* *Qanqor* je.  reH lughbe'
charghwI', 'ach pubbej 'IwDaj.  batlh bIHeghmeH bIghobnIS.  reH ghobrup, 'ej reH batlh
Heghrup ghaH.

pIj jabbI'IDghomvaD ghItlh charghwI', pab pojmeH.  pab pojtaHvIS reH chong.  laHDaj
Dubbej.  'ej tlhIngan Hol ghItlhtaHvIS, laHDaj lo'bej.  laHDaj nu'angmeH chovnatlhmey law'
ghItlh.  meqvammo' maDub'eghmeH mIw nughojmoH ghaH.

jabbI'IDghomvaD ghomvamvaD je jupna' ghaH charghwI''e'.  wIvuv 'e' qotlhbej.  yInmeH
jabbI'IDghom ghajnIS tugh 'e' tlhoj.  qaSmeH ghu'vam jIloSlI'.  reH chegh charghwI' net

TKI (Translation for the Klingon impaired):

chargwI' has decided to leave our mailing list, and I thought I would take this
opportunity to salute him.  He has contributed greatly to this list and this community
through his participation, and although I respect his decision to leave, I truly believe
we will suffer without his involvement.  He has been a constant inspiration to us all,
writing clear Klingon, chanting his montra "recast! recast!", showing his mastery of the
tools of Klingon through his insightful commentary, and generally challenging all of us to
be our best.

charghwI' often wrote to the list, just to tell us what was going on in his life.
Dancing.  Making guitars.  Travelling the world.  Getting sick.  These may be everyday
things, but not at all dull, especially when communicated with crisp, always carefully
written Klingon.

charghwI' often picked up the slack of our now-absent grammarians, along with other
ex-BGs.  His arguments were not always right, and sometimes emotional, but I always looked
past his temper in favor of relishing his passion.  If you want to enjoy the rainbow, you
have to put up with a little rain.  charghwI' gave us both in abundance, and besides, rain
keeps the flowers growing.

charghwI' often analyzed constructions more deeply than other previously had, and made a
point of using his insights while writing in clear Klingon.  Not only did he write to
HolQeD to describe his views of using {-meH} to modify nouns, but he USED it this way
almost daily on the list, showing us over and over again how powerful of a tool it can be.

charghwI' has been a good friend to Klingon, and to this community, and to me.  He has
earned our respect, and I for one eagerly await the day that he realizes he can't live
without this list, and returns.

-- Holtej 'utlh

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