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RE: tlhIngan Hol pojwI' chu'

> majQa'! Dun pojwI' chu'.

qatlho'!  tIvlu' 'e' vItul!

> I've gone through the lessons. They are really useful for beginners, I
> suppose. They are also a good tool for freshing up grammar and vocab for
> anybody who has been studying the language for some time.

I have a total of 6 sections planned out for the lesson system.  So far, only the first
section has been released.  By the time the lessons are complete, I hope it will be a
good, comprehensive environment for gaining reasonable mastery of the language.  I'm about
1/2 finished with section 2.

> Nevertheless I noticed a few (mostly) minor errors. Here's what I've found:
> Maybe you can update this. If not, ... well, it was fun figuring out.  ;-)

Thank you very much for pointing these out to me!  I have tried to be as accurate as
possible, but some mistakes did slip in.  I have corrected these, and posted a new lesson
file to the website.  Of course, if you've taken the lessons, replacing the file will
erase your scores, so I only recommend getting the new lessons if you haven't taken them
yet (or don't mind going through it again).

I appreciate all the feedback!

> HovqIj

-- Holtej 'utlh

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