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KLBC - a really short story

HughwIj vIHuvmoH jIH
(BTW, are pronouns necessary in Klingon, or can they just be indicated with
the verb?)

tachDaq luba' tlhInganpu'. 'Iw HIq lutlhutlh tlhInganpu'.
tachDaq 'el tera'ngan. tlhIngan Hol jatlhbe' ghah.
{I wanted to say "he can't speak Klingon well", but "he can't speak
Klingon" is the best I could do}
"nuqneH" jatlh.
"'Iw vIneH." jatlh.
"'Iw DaneH'a' SoH. 'Iw pInob maH!" lujatlh tlhInganpu'.
nuHmey lel tlhInganpu'.
'IQ tera'ngan.
tera'ngan hoh tlhIngan.
'Iw HIq lutlhutlh tlhInganpu'.



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