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RE: KLBC - a really short story

>> HughwIj vIHuvmoH jIH
>> (BTW, are pronouns necessary in Klingon, or can they 
>> just be indicated with the verb?)
>Pronouns are almost always unnecessary and are usually left out.

You should probably also point out that when the pronoun IS added it usally
amphasizes what its representing.

>> {I wanted to say "he can't speak Klingon well", but "he can't speak
>> Klingon" is the best I could do}
>The best way to say this is <tlhIngan Hol jatlhlaHchu'be'>. It's a lot of
>suffixes, but it gets the idea across pretty clearly.

When I read this I thought of < tlhIngan Hol jatlhchu'be' >, leave off the -laH.

>> tera'ngan hoh tlhIngan.
>Typo: <HoH>. Also, just to clarify, I would probably say <tera'ngan HoH wa'
>tlhIngan>. If they all killed the terran rather than just one of them, you
>should say <tera'ngan luHoH tlhInganpu'>, although you can drop the <-pu'>
>if you want.

Since context tells us that there is only one tera'ngan, with the null
suffix this would have to be only one tlhIngan so you wouldn't need to
specify wa'.
If more than one participated then lu- would tell us that.


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