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Re: tlhIngan Hol pojwI' chu'

jatlh Holtej:

>I have fixed this, and posted a new version.  Thanks very much, qonwI'!

majQa'! Dun pojwI' chu'.
I've gone through the lessons. They are really useful for beginners, I
suppose. They are also a good tool for freshing up grammar and vocab for
anybody who has been studying the language for some time. Nevertheless I
noticed a few (mostly) minor errors. Here's what I've found:

1.05. grammar section:  you wrote *{wuQ'a'na'} instead of {woQ'a'na'}and
            *{wuQna''a'} instead of *{woQna''a'}
        test: {toQDuj vergh DeghwI'} should be "The helmsman docks the Bird
            of Prey." The program wanted "ship" instead of "BoP".
            *{nISwI' beH ghaj toQDuj} should be {nISwI' DaH ghaj toQDuj}
1.07. test: "your (pl) student" should be {ghojwI'ra'}, not {ghojmoHwI'ra'}
1.08. vocabulary section: *{Duq} should be {DuQ}
1.10. vocabulary section: *{who}should be {woH}
        test: {SuvwI'na'mo' betleH roQ ghol}: the program wants "put down"
            instead of "puts down". I know this is possible, too, but since
            all the other examples are present tense it took me a few
            guesses to figure out.
            {Hu' tlhIngan. Qam ghaH}: here the program only accepts the
            indefinite article: "A Klingon..."
1.11. test: "The student remembers the Klingon language." "student" is still
            {ghojwI'}, not {ghojmoHwI'}...
1.15. vocabulary section: {wuQ} should again be {woQ}

Maybe you can update this. If not, ... well, it was fun figuring out.  ;-)


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