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Re: Language games

>wargha'larghogh Harghol Qarghuj 'arghoghlarghu'.
>TARGAASE parghonglarghu'larghaw'.
>'arghach qarghatlh varghIlargho'charghoH?
>tlharghIngarghan Harghol yarghaj gharghogh parghuSqarghu'.
>marghuyarghajlarghaH 'arghe' varghIQarghatlhmarghoH 
>SKI:  Yes, but what would be the point?  It's hard enough finding 
>someone who understands Klingon in the first place!

I'm afraid I don't know Klingon all that well, but this appear to be a 
game involving the addition of a ghV syllable (V being some vowel). If 
you could provide more information about this, I'd be grateful. I'm not 
really interested in playing the game (I can't speak tlhIngan Hol in the 
first place). This is a question for my linguistics class.

Johnny B.
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