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Re: Language games

>From: "John Bowman" <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>Subject: Re: Language games
>Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 16:33:48 -0800 (PST)
>>wargha'larghogh Harghol Qarghuj 'arghoghlarghu'.
>>TARGAASE parghonglarghu'larghaw'.
>>'arghach qarghatlh varghIlargho'charghoH?
>>tlharghIngarghan Harghol yarghaj gharghogh parghuSqarghu'.
>>marghuyarghajlarghaH 'arghe' varghIQarghatlhmarghoH 
>>SKI:  Yes, but what would be the point?  It's hard enough finding 
>>someone who understands Klingon in the first place!
>I'm afraid I don't know Klingon all that well, but this appear to be a 
>game involving the addition of a ghV syllable (V being some vowel). If 
>you could provide more information about this, I'd be grateful. I'm not 
>really interested in playing the game (I can't speak tlhIngan Hol in 
>first place). This is a question for my linguistics class.
>Johnny B.
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I don't know, but it looks to me like he added -argh after every 
consonant except for the ones at the end. (And after ' if it's at the 
beginning, and not after any of the ending consonant blends - ie w' y' 
and rgh.)
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