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Re: Language games

ja' "John Bowman" <>:
>Has anyone ever developed a language game for Klingon, similar to Pig
>Latin or some of the syllable reversal games that exist in other 

wargha'larghogh Harghol Qarghuj 'arghoghlarghu'.
TARGAASE parghonglarghu'larghaw'.
'arghach qarghatlh varghIlargho'charghoH?
tlharghIngarghan Harghol yarghaj gharghogh parghuSqarghu'.
marghuyarghajlarghaH 'arghe' varghIQarghatlhmarghoH varghInargheHbarghe'.

SKI:  Yes, but what would be the point?  It's hard enough finding 
someone who understands Klingon in the first place!

-- ghunchu'wI'

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