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Riker in TNG Emissary

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, KATIE MONCELSI wrote:

|If any one here has seen TNG Emissary could you tell me the translation
|of what Riker says to K'Ehleyr in Klingon.

Riker said, "nuqneH, qaleghneS" (in a THICK Terran accent).

Here's what Paramount's ST:Continuum Klingon Database on MSN has to say:

Nu-qneH qa-legh-neS
Klingon word meaning "What do you want? (a generic greeting) I am honored to 
see you." Commander Riker uses the phrase to show off a little Klingonese when 
welcoming emissary K'Ehleyr. (Reference: The Emissary)

I can't resist pointing out that K'Ehleyr must not have been too impressed,
since she answered him in Federation Standard! 

-- Voragh

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