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Re: The Finished stone???

 > I don't know that there's a good, simple word in Klingon.  Maybe use 
 > something with "-beH": chenbeHmoHbogh nagh?  Maybe playing a little 
 > fast with the meaning of "chenmoH"; since the stone isn't doing the 
 > building, 
 > but it *is* causing the building to take form... leghbeHlu'bogh nagh? 
 > Ick... but something like that.  -beH is likely a Good Thing to use 
 > here, if you can make it work.  And besides, how often do we get to use 
 > -beH? But remember to translate the meaning.  "Finished" in this sense has 
 > only a very weak connection to the ideas of "ta'" and "rIn" and "Qav".  We 
 > call it 
 > "finished" because it's the worker who's finished with them.  A better 
 > word might be "worked." 
The stone is finished and ready to join the other rocks that  
make up a wall so............. 
 Ok, how about using {lan} and {-beH}???? 
 The stone that is made ready to be placed." 
  nagh lanbeHmoHlu'bogh  
 > ~mark 
 * OFFLINE 1.58 * SaHbe' qeylIS, SaHbe' yay. qeylIS yISaH, yay yISaH. 

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