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Re: "Klinzhai" font

> I found the "Klingon alphabet" characters I mentioned earlier.
> The font is apparently copied from a page of something called
> "The Klingon Officer's Manual."  It's obviously apocryphal,
> since one of the characters is for the sound of the letter F.
> There's no q/Q distinction, and the numbers given are for 1-10
> instead of 0-9 (or even 0-2).
> There *are* symbols that look like the markings on the Klingon
> D-7 Attack Cruiser models.  They correspond to "D7H," with the
> "D7" being too convenient to be a coincidence.
> --------------------------------------------------
> Alan Anderson                    Delco Electronics

In all likelihood, the Klinzhai font you're talking about is the one I 
created.  The characters are taken from a volume entitled _The U.S.S. 
Enterprise Officer's Manual_. Note, that's a federation manual, not from 
the Klingons.  

I made this font some time back (yes, before beginning the KLI I was 
designing laserfonts for nonRoman orthographies).  It was released as 
shareware and I asked folks who liked it to send in $5 for it.  After 
more than a thousand downloads from the service where I first uploaded it 
(and discovering it was also available on more than 500 BBSs around the 
USA) I had received only $10 in shareware fees.

When the KLI began I took the Klinzhai font (also referred to as the 
Mandel characters) and added the character set from the films and TNG.  
Mandel on the lowercase, the other typeface (often erroneously called the 
Okuda font) on the uppercase.  The new font was called KLIpIqaDmey.

This font was then bundled with a klingonesque looking Roman font called 
KLIroman and sold on a disk rather than as shareware.  When the KLI went 
nonprofit I formally gave all rights for the fonts to the KLI.  The disk 
is now sold by the KLI for $13 ($15 outside the US) and is available in 
both PostScript Type1 and TrueType formats, for both Macintosh and PC 

So, if you like the Klinzhai font (and haven't paid for it) send in $13 
($15 if you're out of the USA) and get the stuff you're missing.  Oh, I 
also cleaned up the kerning pairs on the Klinzhai portion when I upgraded 
it to KLIpIqaDmey, so even the Mandel characters look better on the newer 

And one more note, while I'm bombarding you about fonts.  Recently I have 
seen the KLIfontdisk sold at conventions.  As far as I know, there is 
only one group that has paid for disks and is reselling them.  The disks 
I saw were the fonts I designed on a new disk with a new label.  
Basically ripping the KLI off.  The KLI disks are priced at a more than 
reasonable amount.  The money received from font sales goes to cover KLI 
postage costs.  If you find a dealer selling KLI fonts at con get the 
dealer's name and address and let me know.  Also, notify con security.  
Okay, so maybe you won't, but it would make me happy.  :)

Sorry for the longwindedness.  I get passionate about my fonts.



:: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director   :: The KLI is a nonprofit ::
:: The Klingon Language Institute   :: tax exempt corporation ::
:: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA :: DaH HuchlIj'e' ghonob  ::

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