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Re: KLBC: nuqDaq jIyInlI'

>As for the choice of where to put the -be', that's a subtle
>shade-of-meaning decision.  I've done it here Guido's way; as such
>it implies more-than-indifference-- an active desire not to know.
>I.e, if you know, don't tell us; we don't want to know.  If you put
>the -be' on the neH, that seems slightly more passive, more
>indifferent, i.e. we didn't bother to find out because we don't want
>to know, though if you tell us it would be no skin off our noses.
>Failing to want something is not exactly the same as wanting its
>opposite.  Which one chooses is entirely a matter of the shade of
>meaning one wants to express.

>                        --Krankor

Consider the verb {neHHa'}.

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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