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HolQeD 3(1)

I've been buried under the editorial chores of finishing the ninth (isn't
that amazing, nine issues already?!!!) issue of HolQeD.  Arguing with
printers is NOT my idea of a fun time.

The good news is that the issue if completed.  It's been printed.  These
things are also true of the 1994 KLI Directory.  I spent the afternoon
stuffing several hundred envelopes with copies of both, licking those
envelopes (ugh), and affixing adequate postage to them.  Then I carted them
to the post office, and they should be on their way to you now.

Go figure, the March issue is actually going to have a March postmark on it! 
Usually, I consider it a success if I get the originals to the printer before
the end of the month listed on the cover.  Maybe, just maybe, I'm getting the
hang of this... Nyahhhhh!

So, expect your issue (if you're a KLI member) in the next few days.  And
expect me to start working my way through about two weeks of mailing list
posts and responding here and there to threads which have probably already
gone cold.


:: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director   ::
:: The Klingon Language Institute   ::
:: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA ::

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