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>From: "Matt Gomes" <[email protected]>
>Date: 25 Mar 1994 09:45:22 -0800


>  HELP!  I'm trying to find a translation for "Sun" (i.e. the opposite of
>"Moon").  Would the best translation be "Hov"?  Or am I missing another
>definition.  I'm also looking for translations of anything having to do
>with "Sun".  Sunset, sunrise, sundry, season ;)... Anything you can suggest
>(and their Klingon translation) would be FANTASTIBAR!

In my Klingon Jonah, I used "Hov'a'" for "sun".  There was also a
suggestion (I forget from who) for "jajHov" (daystar...  sound familiar,
joyleaf?).  Some thoughts...

For "sunrise/set" you can talk about sun ascending and descending, or
appearing and disappearing (with an interesting poetic twist that appearing
is the same word as escaping), etc...

>  Thanks in advance... and.. of course... Qapla'!



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