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Re: KBTP: John 8:1-11

> > Similarly, 'to stone such women.' becomes 'to kill evil
> > women while we throw stones.' Notice the word 'to throw' is derived
> > from ' to cause to fly'.  
>      Perhaps it would be better to say "For the purpose of murdering these
> women, we throw stones." I think it is much more accurate to the meaning
> behind the English than the euphamistic link between "During the time period
> that we happened to casually be throwing some stones, a couple REALLY BAD
> women died."
>      This is one of the reasons I'm not a Christian.

Not sure what that has to do with the discussion of the translation... but
I've always read *THIS* passage as anything but an endorsement of stoning.
Of course, maybe that is WHY you don't like it...

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