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Re: KLBC: juHqo' (Hoghvam)

     Hmm. My name popped up as a Krankorian and as I was replying, my network
went south. I didn't know that a DOS based comm package could kill a Windows
shell, but there I was, staring at the Norton Desktop with no menu bar. 


     So I left for lunch. I just want to comment that I like Nick and value
his contributions. I like Krankor and treasure his contributions. My post
asking Nick to "cut it out" was not related to my favoring Krankor over Nick.
It was related to a common sense based expectation. When I read Nick's post,
I thought, "Either Krankor or one of his close friends is going to respond to
this explosively." [wince] Not good.

     I credit Nick with as much common sense as me, yet he seemed surprised
when the flame came when I was not surprised. Note that Krankor did not
participate (whether because of technical difficulties or diplomatic wisdom,
we may never know). Anyway, perhaps I just have more common sense than Nick?

     When I was at a cusp, about to give up on the language because I could
not understand anything anybody was writing, Krankor took his one month
Klingon-only vow and suddenly there were large quantities of Klingon text
that I could easily understand. It was fortuitously timed. It made all the
difference. More recently, he has contributed less and I miss that. I do see
him as open to criticism and correction from the world at large, but in this
specific instance, Nick's post seemed unusually picky and harsh and he was
just the wrong person to pull this off without counterproductive conflict.

     In My Humble Opinion.

     And as for my own contributions, I've been distracted by all the work
I've been putting into my Annotated Klingon Dictionary. It is not nearly
complete yet, but it has passed the most intensive and volumnous first entry
and proofreading stages. My expectation is that I'll have more time soon and
will try to provide for others what Krankor provided for me: accessible
Klingon (following the most conservative interpretation of the rules of
grammar, attempting to prove just how much you can say within the confines of
those conservative interpretations).

     Forgive the rambling...


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