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KBTP: John 8:1-11


pIn tIn (aka Glen Proechel) asked if I'd pass the following on to the
Internet group.  He is working on the KBTP translation of the Gospel
of John and wanted to share the following portion for the interest of
the tlhIngan-Hol community.  I'll try to pass back to Glen the various
thoughts of the SuvwI'pu'.  Please understand that, since I typed this
in on my sometimes cranky Amiga there MAY be typos despite a diligent
running through this with my eyes and d'Armond's translator.  Also,
Glen provided the text with underlining that I could not transcribe -
for tlhIngan words in the notes below and for dialog in the passage. 

(Glen also passed on an article regarding days and seasons that I'll
be typing in at a later time.  And *SOMETIME* I need to get cracking
on Isaiah....)



           Jesus be' mIgh je: Jesus and the adultress

                                   by G.F. Proechel  (pIn tIn)

This famous story, not found in some of the most ancient manuscripts,
is very interesting both theologically and linguistically.  Note that
I use Latin proper nouns and do not transliterate.  Suffixes, however,
are Klingon.  The first problem is that there is no word in TKD for
adultery, so we must describe the act.  'Nobody' is expressed by vay'
tu'lu'be'.  i.e. There isn't anybody.  The instrumental 'with' as in
"He wrote WITH his finger' beomes nItlhDaj lo'taHvIS i.e. 'while using
his finger'.  Similarly, 'to stone such women.' becomes 'to kill evil
women while we throw stones.' Notice the word 'to throw' is derived
from ' to cause to fly'.  

The suffix -choH which can have the sense of 'to begin an action' is
very useful.  Note:
   ba'choHpu' He began to sit.  i.e. He sat down.
   QamchoHpu'.  He began to stand i.e. He stood up.  
   leghchoHpu'.  He began to see.  i.e. He looked up.  
   ghojchoHmoHpu'.  He began to cause to learn.  i.e. He began to

The question of the older men leaving first also was a bit of a problem.
 loDpu' qan law': the older men (as it would be expressed in a
law'-puS construction) is ambiguous because loDpu' qanlaw' (written as
one word instead of two) has the sense of the "apparently old men."
Hence the emphatic -qu' in qanqu' 'the very old men' seemed the most
Klingon way to go.  Note the translation of Gospel as lut QaQ : the
Good Story and Chapter as 'ay: Section.  I was tempted to translate
'one after the other' by wa' rInDI' latlh, but this idiom is terra
incognita and unnecessary.

                     Johannes lut QaQ 8:1-11

Johannes 'ay' mI' chorgh

'ach Olivetusmey HuDDaq ghoSpu' Jesus.  qaStaHvIS po 'eq chIrgh
'elqa'pu' ghaH.  ghaHDaq ghoSpu' Hoch 'ej ba'choHpu' 'ej
ghojchoHmoHpu' ghaH.

     Doch Hat ta'ta'bogh be' tu'lu'pu'. be'vam luqempu' ghItlhwI'pu'
Pharisaeuspu' je 'ej ghom botlhDaq be'vam luQammoHta'.

     "ghojmoHwI'," luja'pu'. "nga'chuqtaHvIS be'vam loD Huj je
wItu'pu' 'ej loDnalDaj ghaHbe' loD'e'.  chutDaq naghmey wIlo'-
taHvIS be'pu' mIgh wIHoH nura' Moses. DaH nuq Daja'?" lutobmeH Dochvam
lutlhobpu', lupummeH vay' lunejtaHmo'.

     SIH'eghpu' Jesus 'ej nItlhDaj lo'taHvIS, puHDaq ghItlhpu'.  'ach
lutlhobataHDI', QamchoHpu' ghaH 'ej ja'pu': "not yem rIntaHbogh
botlhrajDaq vay' tu'lu'chugh, vaj nagh wa'DIch puvmoHjaj nuvvam." vaj
SIH'eghqa'pu' 'ej puHDaq ghItlhqa'pu'.  SoQvam Qoypu'DI' ghom,
mejchoHpu' loDpu' qanqu' 'ej tlha'pu' latlhpu'.  vaj mej rIntaH Hoch.
rInDI' Hoch, nIteb ratlhpu' Jesus be' je.  be' leghchoHpu' Jesus 'ej
jatlhpu': "be' nuqDaq chaH?  DuqIchbogh vay' tu'lu'be''a'?  jangpu'be'"
: "vay' tu'lu'be' joHwI'." jangpu' Jesus: "'ej qaqIchQo' je JIH.  yImej
'ej yIyemqa'Qo'."

lutvam mughpu' pIn tIn.
(translated by G.F. Proechel).

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