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Re: "rIn"


>Well, I hate to correct the corrector, but we have a problem here.
>This is misuse of rIn.  rIn does NOT mean "to finish, to
>accomplish".  rIn means "to BE finished, accomplished" (emphasis
>added, duh).  You could use rInmoH, or you could use the verb ta'
>(as opposed to the suffix), which does indeed mean "to accomplish."
>                --Krankor

QI'yaH!  HIvqa' veqlargh!

I need to learn to type as fast as I think.  I had intended to put 2 emaples 
using <rIn>, and put only one (incorrect) one.  the first was <tugh jInmolwIj 
vIrInmoH>  (as Qanqor read from my mind), the second was simply <tugh rIn 

Actually, I am glad that you caught this... it tells me that you didn't just 
let me do this, and then leave me all on my lonesome. {{:)

jIpup vIneH, 'ach wej jIpup 'e' vISov....
vaj HIlughmoHtaH!!!

--HoD trI'Qal
  tlhwD lIy So'

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