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Re: Just Bored

>From: "d'Armond Speers" <[email protected]>
>Date: Sat, 19 Mar 1994 18:53:43 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Re: Just Bored
>jatlhpu' Paul:
>> chay' tlhIngan Holvo' "I'm bored" Dajatlh
>Or, you might try a more idiomatic approach:
>3) DaH jISuv 'e' vIneHbe' 

That was the best of the three you provided, I think.  It prompted me to
come up with "DaH jIvang vIneHbe'", which I think works better all around.
This could probably even be shortened to "DaH jIvangqangbe'", though that
would probably be a bit stronger than just not wanting to do anything.

The reason I wasn't nuts about "DaH jISuv vIneHbe'" (I don't think the 'e'
is necessary; perhaps not even correct) was because the Klingon that 
doesn't want to fight is perhaps not much of a Klingon.  Well, that's
not totally correct...

Suvqangbe'chugh tlhInganqoq, tlhIngan ghaHbe' 'e'

Hey, while thumbing through my TKD, I found my answer to my "No Religion"
problem...  Maybe someone already mentioned it, but "lalDan tu'be'lu'"
works perfectly.


Qapla' Dachavjaj

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