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Re: appology

>> Let's try to remember the relative notion of 'cumbersome'.... 
>> 				.... Now *that's* cumbersome!  So I
>> say, if there's one or two things that are more unwieldy in Klingon
>> than in English, we're still *way* ahead of the game.  I think we
>> often get spoiled by Klingon's compact elegance.
>>                     --Krankor
>I appologize profusely.  "Cumbersome" was a poor choice of words to describe
>my dilema with the law'/puS construction.


Hey, apology unnecessary.  You did nothing wrong, nor was my
comment meant exclusively for you.  law'/puS has long seemed to
enjoy step-child status among many.  My trying to inject some
perspective does not mean you did anything requiring apology.


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