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> Let's try to remember the relative notion of 'cumbersome'.... 
> 				.... Now *that's* cumbersome!  So I
> say, if there's one or two things that are more unwieldy in Klingon
> than in English, we're still *way* ahead of the game.  I think we
> often get spoiled by Klingon's compact elegance.
>                     --Krankor
I appologize profusely.  "Cumbersome" was a poor choice of words to describe
my dilema with the law'/puS construction.  Although I find that law'/puS
works rather well most of the time, I like both of these suggestions from
charghwI' *much* better.  They are more...lyrical.  But more importantly,
both preserve the *meaning* of the original "Better crippled in body than
corrupt in mind." 

     porgh rIgh yab qal ghap vIwIvnISchugh vaj jIrIgh 'e' vImaS

     "If I must choose a lame body (exclusive)or a corrupt mind, then I
prefer that I be lame."


     jIrIghnIS pagh jIqalnIS vaj jIrigh 'e' vImaSbej

     "If I must be lame (exclusive)or I must be corrupt, then I definitely
prefer that I be lame."

     I like this second casting better.

Appologies again and many thanks for the help.  I would love to see any other
ideas on these translations.


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