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Re: KLBC: nuqDaq vIyIn?

Hmm. I think Marnen wrote:
> >   wej peDDaq jI"sky".  ("I don't ski on snow yet.")

~mark responds:
> This is a KLBC discussion, so I let trI'Qal have the first crack at it, but
> she missed something vital: "peD" is not a noun.  It's a verb...

> So how would you do this?  

charghwI' responds:
     How about getting to the point:

               naDev not peD vaj wej jI"ski".

     Also, I can empathize ALTOGETHER TOO WELL with that little error of
ignoring the part of speech... qabwIj vISo'meH ghopwIj vIlan


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