tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Sun Mar 13 11:11:13 1994

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Nick off line AGAIN!

Surprise surprise, I was off-line again this weekend, so if anyone'd mailed
me over the weekend, could they mail me again? (Mark? The Proechel question
stands. Lawrence, did you get my review?)

I won't bore you with the dream I had this morning. Actually yes I will. It 
was something about me trying to teach Patrick Stewart (rehearsing a scene 
with a Wil Wheaton who looked more like a chubby curly blue-eyed Troi) how to 
say Qapla' (he was insisting on a labialised velar voiceless fricative [{Hw} / 
x superscript w] for some reason), and him arguing against me using a chart 
of Trek chronology and the new series he was going to do (?!), and then 
inviting me out for pizza. 

I really should get myself a better drug dealer...

Nick. Melbourne University Star Trek club Vice-President and Editor as of
last Thursday.

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