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KBLC- jIbeplaw

On Thu 10 Mar 94 20:20, "Matt Gomes" writes:

> mamoSbej!  mughbejghach bIneHQo'.  mughbejghach jIneH. 

> Translation:

> We definately compromise!  You don't want the translation.  I want
> the translation.  We definately compromise with each other.

> (Sorry for the -ghach change.  I now understand how ugly that is..
> else would you nominalize that?)

It's better to avoid nominalization.
"you don't want me to translate it" =  vImugh DaneHbe'
"I want to translate it" = vImugh vIneH
"I *definitely* want to translate it" = "vImugh vIneHbej"


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