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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw



>        jabbI'ID vIbelHa'.
>        juHDaq jabbI'IDmey vIqem.
>        jabbI'ID vIlaDDi', jangmey vIleghbej.
>        tuQochbe''a'?

qayajbejbe'.  nuqjatlh?

This is why I request that you include your English translations.  I will
comment on each line of this, and give you what I understood your Klingon to

>        jabbI'ID vIbelHa'.

"I dislike the transmission"  I am not sure if you were referring to my first
transmission, or my second, as this seemed to be in reply to the message which
was cut off.  I would guess you meant both.

>        juHDaq jabbI'IDmey vIqem.

"I bring tranmissions home."  Nothing wrong with this.

>        jabbI'ID vIlaDDi', jangmey vIleghbej.

"When I read the transmission, I certainly see the answers."  There are two
errors here.  One was the obvious typo in <vIlaDDI'>.  The other is that
<jang> is not a noun; it is a verb.  To get around this, you could either
use -ghach on the verb (which may or may not be grammatically correct; there
has been considerable debate on the list over this suffix), or you can re-cast
the sentence a bit:  chojangta' 'e' vIleghbej.  "I certainly see that you have
answered me."  I am not exactly certain what you are trying to say, so I can-
not give you a better alternative.  Are you trying to tell me that my second
transmission wasn't required?  That you are upset that the transmission was
cut in half?  (so was I)  Please note that I am not trying to berate you; I
just don't follow what you are trying to say.  You seem to be like me, in that
you prefer to use Hol to English, but I cannot help you with your Klingon
unless you tell me what you are trying to say.  {{:(

>        tuQochbe''a'?

"Do all of you agree with me?"  Again, I would agree or disagree if I saw a
bit more clearly what you were speaking of.


I do not clearly understand you.  What did you say?

--HoD trI'Qal

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