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How to speak of existence?

I was just listening to some Billy Idol (off his Cyberpunk CD), and there
was a chorus that simply said "No Religion" over and over again, and I
thought, "I'm bored, what is it in Klingon?".  Religion is easy:  lalDan.
But how to communicate "the nonexistence of"?

I consulted the tlhIngan Hol mugwhI' that I'm testing for Steve Baker, and
he had an extry, "tu'lu'" for "there is".  I couldn't find it in the
dictionary, but noted that it WAS actually "someone did discover/find/etc".
But if I were to say "lalDan tu'lu'be'", I don't think it has the right

Then the idea of using pagh struck me.  But pagh is a number, zero, or a
noun, nothing, none.  I suppose I could say "pagh lalDan" (zero religions),
but is that grammatically correct to have a non-verb-containing sentence?
It just seems like a sentence fragment to me.

This still doesn't allow for actually representing the existence of 
something.  I had "abstract algebra" a bit ago, and I always liked (for
some peculiar reason) the phrase "there exists an x".  How, in Klingon
would you communicate the idea of "there exists"?


PS>  If you're going to go into a large discussion with this question, please
put ADV: in the title; I was just wondering if I'm missing something, or if
there is a way to work around it.  I'm not "good enough" to follow an

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