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Re: Phone message

Amy writes:
> > rI'lIj wIjanglaHbe' - We are unable to answer your hail.

charghwI' suggests:
     Others have pointed out that {rI'} is not a noun. Rather than try to
make it a noun, you might just say:

               jurI' 'ej wIjanglaHbe'

     "You hail us and we are unable to reply."

     It is a simple and effective solution that does not involve any of the
bending of grammatical interpretations that other solutions involve.

> > chuSdaq ponglIj rI'Se'lIj je junobchugh, vaj pIrI' - If you
> > give us your name and hailing frequency at the sound, we will
> > hail you.

     chuSwI' yIloS vaj ponglIj mI'lIj je ghonob vaj macheghDI' pIrI'.

     "Wait for the noisemaker, then give us your name and your number, then
as soon as we return, we will hail you."
     These are merely suggestions I offer after receiving the presentation of
the suggestions by others.


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