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Re: KBLC: Hoghvam


"Matt Whiteacre"vo':

>"Texas"Daq vIyIn
>SochmaHchorgh 'oH Hat
>Quv tujDaq jIyIntaH 'e' vIparHa'

"Ohio"Daq bIrqu'laH!
jenHa'DI' Hat, jIQuchHa'qu'.
jenDI' Hat, jIQuchqu'!
jen Hat 'e' vImaSqu'!

"Texas"Daq tInqu' ghewmey net Qoy.
teH'a' mu'meyvam?

This is another post with only one error, again involving verb prefixes.  In
Matt's first sentence, he said, <"Texas"Daq vIyIn>.  He should have used
the jI- prefix, because although there is a noun before the verb ("Texas"Daq),
it isn't the *object* of the verb.  In this case, there is no object.  I
suspect this was a typo, as he uses the correct prefix in the third line. {{;)
Also, I want to point to the third line as a very good example of how to use
<'e'> properly. {{:)  There was another small error in the second line:  <Hat>
needs to have the -'e' suffix (this is different from the <'e'> prounoun used
in the third sentence. I always put a - in front of my suffixes and after my
prefixes so they are not confused with noun or verb stems), to show it's place
syntactically.  Otherwise, the whole construct might be confused for a big
noun-noun construction. {{:)  The use of -'e' in this kind of construction
can be found on page 68 of your KD.

These errors are actually relatively minour, but I am going to point out such
details for a while, until I start to sense that people don't need them
pointed out any more.  This was a good post.


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